Portroit Servo model flatbed inkjet cutting machine

Item No.: G- ST1050FLQS ST1250FLQS
Widely use for cutting of kraft paper, red cardboard, photo film, white cardboard, fiber cardboard and other materials.
Description Technical parameter Machine operation video
With its simple structure and high cutting precision and according to China's apparel market demand, Auri Tech had offer  the economic machine type TW1590SPF/TW1512SPF/TW2512SPF Series flatbed cutting plotter.
When the TW series flatbed cutting plotter is connected with any CAD software it can cut and draw a full set of garment patterns automatically and precisely.
Compared with the traditional process, it improves the work efficiency and saves dramatically on labor costs.


Characteristics :
Work with computer synchronously
Transmit speedily
Feed paper 
Automatically work consecutively

Auri Tech is professional cutting plotter manufacturer, based in China. We offer cutting plotters, sign and imaging graphics cutting table as well as paper cutting systems. We provide high quality products at competitive prices. Our company can supply the full chain of manufacturing vinyl cutters and die cutting machines right here in China. Our lower manufacturing cost saves your purchasing cost. More details of each product are shown on the description page.

Continuous ink supply system, extremely saving ink & reduce cost 

Back side paper feeding system, stable and usefull

Emergency stop switch, Quick stop ,keep safe production 

Moveable wheel ,easy for moving
Vacuum adsorption, accurate paper feeding

Beautiful stitches, clear and smooth

Perfectly cut and seamlessly connected

MODEL  TW-1590SPF TW-1512SPF TW-2512SPF 
Max cutting  L1500mm*W900mm L1500mm*W1200mm L2500mm*W1200mm
Ink cartridge  HP45/HP88 ink cartridge
Drive mode  Servo motor
Cutting speed  1200mm/S
Print speed  45-120㎡/h,300-600DPI
Cutting thick  Print:45-500g/㎡Cutting 45-500g/㎡(More than500gram order made )
Print media Kraft paper,photo film ,red cardboard ,white cardboard ,fiber cardboard
Buffer capacity 9100KB
Cutting tools Custom diamond blade
Software HP-GL/DXF、garment CADfile
Input connect Network (TCP),serial ,U disk
Material fixed  High pressure vacuum adsorption, pump power 1.5KW Pump 4.0KW
Loading system Back side loading singly roller /double roller optional
Power /capacity  110/220V±10% 50/60Hz/2KW 380V/4.5KW
Environmental requirement  Temperature1℃-35℃  Humidity RH15-85%(without condensation )
Machine side  L2000*W1400*H950mm  L2000*W1700*H950mm L3200*W1900*H1150mm
Packing size  L2100*1500*H1150mm L2100*1800*H1150mm L3300*W2000*H1250mm
Intelligent alarm
Over-width alarm, Over length alarm, overload alarm