About Us

Auri digital control technology co.,Ltd is located in Hefei ,China .Our company is a national high technological enterprise specializing is research ,production ,sales and service of garment CAD/CAM hard ware and soft ware .
We are one of the leading suppliers of OEM in garment machinery .The products are applying in clothing ,,shoes ,automotive interior ,advertising and packing .After years of development .We own the following brands now :”Garments master “,”Bags master “,”Smitte””Portroit””BW””Auri-tech” “cool” .At domestic CAD/CAM system field.Auri -tech is the only national double soft enterprise which is capable in both of the software and hardware independent research and development .At present ,Auri -tech had modern factory and office in Hefei and More than 60 4s office and agents in domestic and foreign areas .Our products have exported to the US,Argentina ,Egypt,Poland ,Romania,Turkey ,Korea,Bangladesh ,Malaysia,Singapore,Laos,Thailand ,Vietnam and other countries and regions .
After 10 years of Ups and downs ,Auri-tech witness the start ,transformation and development of the traditional labor-intensive along with the textiles and clothing.At present the traditional enterprise need to change their operation philosophy ,implement industries park and integrate production process since the continuously rising of raw material costs .Severe shortage of human resources and disorder of production management .So the need of “intelligent factory “rise evidently .What is intelligent factory ? Simply but ,Like install a brain which can think independently .Basic on the automatic digital factory technology .With the use of internet of things technology .Equipment monitoring technology etc to strengthen information collection .Analysis the management and service .master the process of production & marketing and improve the controllability of produce process .Collecting the assembly line data .Manage the production progress reasonably .