single layer cutter machine

Suitable for flexible fabric cutting industry clothing toys car seat cover etc .More intelligent /faster /more convenient .
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Automatic Digital Cutting Machine

Widely use for Garment,shoes,bags and luggage,computerized embroidery and clipping,template cutting, toys furniture,advertisement decoration,handicraft,packaging,printing and so on.

Features :

Dual cutting heads fit different cutting tools for different applications:

Round knife ---- Fast and efficient.Widely use in cloth and PU cutting with relatively large patterns

Oscillating cutting tool----Smooth and accurate ,For complicate pattern and thick materials

The vacuum pump inside , reducing sound levels,fixing the materials for more accurate cutting
Super discharge system through computer design, manual and computer automatically and effectively combined to improve the efficiency of discharge, ordinary people as long as they are familiar with computer operation, can also master the discharge technology within one week;
The equipment can realize zero-pitch cutting, which effectively saves raw materials;
Computer controlled automatic cutting, instead of a large number of cutting workers, to achieve mass production;
The cutting piece cut out by the equipment has high precision, and the lathe can directly sew the seam without trimming the piece, effectively improving the sewing efficiency of the lathe;
The cutting bed control software supports multi-source data format: it can directly receive commonly used clothing design and typesetting software;
Unique algorithm and motion control technology realizes the seamless connection of straight lines and arcs with high cutting precision;
The equipment adopts automatic sharpening technology, and the grinding time can be set according to the characteristics of the fabric, which effectively extends the service life of the cutting knives;
No need to print, keep paper plates, have high recycling rate, and facilitate plate making management; Consumables are easy to replace and the replacement cost is low;
 High degree of automation and simple operation.
Inverter control; suction pressure can be set, which effectively reduces the use cost of electric energy.
Picking area conveyors can be controlled independently or in sync.
Special bristle cutting window, the blade can be pierced into the surface without damage.

Cutter type

Model BW-1725DCB BW-1725DCG
Cutting method Multi layer mono Multi layer mono
Tool Standard Oscillating /infrared ray Rolling /infrared ray Oscillating /infrared ray Rolling  /infrared ray
Tool selection Rolling Oscillating Rolling Oscillating
Max cutting speed 700mm/s(according material) 1000mm/s(according material) 700mm/s(according material) 1000mm/s(according material)
Max cutting thickness 10mm(according material) 3mm(according material) 10mm(according material) 3mm(according material)
Tool 19-60 Triangle knife Outer diameter18-47  rolling knife 19-60 Triangle knife Outer diameter18-47  rolling knife
Cutting material Woven ,Pu leather ,Oxford cloth ,Canvas ,Sponge ,Imitation leather,cotton linen ,Science and technology cloth ,microfiber cloth ,flannelette fabric and so on
Material fixation type  Film cover adsorption Film cover adsorption Film cover adsorption Film cover adsorption
Feeding mode Automatic feeding  and conveying Automatic feeding and conveying Automatic feeding and automatic contrast Automatic feeding and automatic contrast
Repetition precision ±0.1mm(cutting) ±0.1mm(cutting) ±0.1mm(cutting) ±0.1mm(cutting)
Fan power 5.5kw 5.5kw 5.5kw 5.5
Drive system Servo motor ,liner guide rail ,Timing belt,screw
Projector NO NO Have Have
Automatic delivery NO NO Have Have
Power 7kw 7kw 7kw 7kw
Rated voltage AV380V/50HZ AV380V/50HZ AV380V/50HZ AV380V/50HZ
Effective scope of work 2500*1500mm 2500*1500 2500*1500 2500*1500
Weight 900kg