Automatic multi function digital cutter machine

Item No.: L--BW-1725DCB BW-1725DCG
Suitable for flexible fabric cutting industry clothing toys car seat cover etc .More intelligent /faster /more convenient .
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Multi function digital cutter
Introduction :
1,High speed 6 axis motion-control system and high performance integrated controller from europe evenness of cutting platform is realized for automatic adjustment .
2,High end hardware configuration )digital servo driver &motor .straight rail ,synchronous belt .Guide screw etc .All imported from japan )
3,Advanced design of platform structure .Powerful winds for strong suction (easy for small pattern suction )Dot cutting ,half cutting ,full cutting and creasing by digital tuning .

4,Widely use for cut knitted ,woven ,further ,Pu Leather ,Oxford cloth ,canvas ,sponge,imitation leather,cotton linen,science and technology cloth .Microfiber cloth ,Flannelette fabric ,corrugated paper ,perforated paper ,PVC board ,Grey cardboard ,Carbon composite material ,acrylic plate ,foam.

Feature : 
1,Divided vacuum suction function can fix the material on the table tightly .
2,Max cutting speed and area are 1000mm/s
3,Automatic table-level measuring function can solve platform uneven problem causing during transportation  
4,Various tools can shift freely .Different blades and rollers shift easily .
5,Ethernet interface .Connect to multiple computers with long distance .Realize remote control and update .
6,Oscillating knife can cut corrugated paper in different thickness .As e-flute,3 layer 5 layer corrugated paper and KT board
7,Non-oscillating knife can use for cut and half cut on white cardboard ,grey cardboard ,PVC ,rubber,gasket ,prepregs
8,Foam cutting tool can cut foam within 30mm thickness
9,Center knife can cut 2mm grey card board ,red cardboard and could be used for crease on PVC materials after refitted
10,Kiss cutting tool can cut adhesive sticker
11,Versatile functions of flexi-dismountable tool head
12,V-CUT tool can cut honey comb board at 45°beveling angle
13,Router can cut acrylic materials
14,Two positioning methods 1,Manual positioning by laser pointers 2,Camera registration system automatically captures marks and position
15,Roller /circular cutting tool can cut fabric and carbon composites


Model BW-1725DCB BW-1725DCG
Cutting method Multi layer mono Multi layer mono
Tool Standard Oscillating /infrared ray Rolling /infrared ray Oscillating /infrared ray Rolling  /infrared ray
Tool selection Rolling Oscillating Rolling Oscillating
Max cutting speed 700mm/s(according material) 1000mm/s(according material) 700mm/s(according material) 1000mm/s(according material)
Max cutting thickness 10mm(according material) 3mm(according material) 10mm(according material) 3mm(according material)
Tool 19-60 Triangle knife Outer diameter18-47  rolling knife 19-60 Triangle knife Outer diameter18-47  rolling knife
Cutting material Woven ,Pu leather ,Oxford cloth ,Canvas ,Sponge ,Imitation leather,cotton linen ,Science and technology cloth ,microfiber cloth ,flannelette fabric and so on
Material fixation type  Film cover adsorption Film cover adsorption Film cover adsorption Film cover adsorption
Feeding mode Automatic feeding  and conveying Automatic feeding and conveying Automatic feeding and automatic contrast Automatic feeding and automatic contrast
Repetition precision ±0.1mm(cutting) ±0.1mm(cutting) ±0.1mm(cutting) ±0.1mm(cutting)
Fan power 5.5kw 5.5kw 5.5kw 5.5
Drive system Servo motor ,liner guide rail ,Timing belt,screw
Projector NO NO Have Have
Automatic delivery NO NO Have Have
Power 7kw 7kw 7kw 7kw
Rated voltage AV380V/50HZ AV380V/50HZ AV380V/50HZ AV380V/50HZ
Effective scope of work 2500*1500mm 2500*1500 2500*1500 2500*1500
Weight 900kg